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Fundamental Rights ( Important for APSC)

Articles 12-35 within the framework of the Indian Constitution are dedicated to the elaboration and safeguarding of Fundamental Rights. These Fundamental Rights, often referred to as human rights, are a set of essential entitlements granted to the citizens of India. The Constitution unequivocally asserts the inviolability of these rights, emphasizing their utmost significance in upholding the democratic and egalitarian principles of the nation

Historical Background of indian constitution ( Important for APSC)

The historical background of the Indian Constitution has deep roots in the era of British colonial rule in India, spanning two distinct phases: Company rule and Crown rule. Company rule was characterized by the dominance of the British East India Company in governing India. However, this period was marked by increasing discontent and culminated in the Indian Rebellion of 1857, which prompted the British Imperial Crown to assume direct control over the administration of the country.