Category: Assam History

Asura Ali Treaty , Ghilajarigmaj Treaty

In an effort to pacify the recurrent clashes in Assam, the Ahom Kingdom and the Mughal Empire achieved a significant breakthrough in February 1639 through the Ghilajarigmaj Treaty. Referred to as the ‘Treaty of Asurar Ali,’ this landmark agreement marked a crucial moment. Leading the negotiations for the Ahom Kingdom was Momai Tamuli Barbaruh, who engaged with Allah Yar Khan, the Mughal representative.

Bakhtiyar Khilji’s Invasion on Kamrup (Medieval)

Bakhtiyar Khilji’s infamous legacy reverberates through history due to his brutal and fanatical actions during the Invasion on Kamrup. With relentless ferocity, he devastated significant parts of India, inflicting irreparable damage upon Indian civilization. His ruthless campaign involved looting, pillaging, and the desecration of temples, leaving a trail of destruction. Notably, he even targeted the ancient Indian university, Nalanda, marking a dark chapter in the Invasion on Kamrup’s history.