Youth Icon Safin Hasan: India’s Youngest IPS Officer Making Waves with Unprecedented Achievements

At the remarkable age of 22, Safin Hasan emerged as a trailblazer by cracking the prestigious UPSC examination in 2018. His outstanding achievement secured him the distinguished title of the youngest Indian Police Service (IPS) Officer. Securing the 570th rank in the Civil Services examination, Safin Hasan’s journey catapulted him into the esteemed position of Assistant Superintendent of Police in India’s Jamnagar district on December 23, 2019.

The UPSC examination serves as a gateway to coveted government positions such as IAS, IPS, IFS, and more, presenting a formidable challenge. Safin Hasan’s extraordinary journey to becoming India’s youngest IPS Officer serves as an enthralling and motivating tale for all aspiring UPSC candidates.

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1. India’s youngest IPS officer

2. List of India’s youngest IPS officers

3. India’s youngest-ever female IPS officer

4. Safin Hasan’s Success Story, the Youngest IPS Officer

5. Points on Becoming India’s Youngest IPS Officer

India’s youngest IPS officer

Youngest IPS Officer in India – Safin Hasan Inspiring Young Civil Service Aspirants

Safin Hasan, a beacon of inspiration for young civil service aspirants, shattered records by cracking the UPSC exam in 2018. Overcoming formidable challenges and fierce competition, Hasan etched his name as the youngest IPS Officer in India. Remarkably, he achieved this feat on his first attempt at an exceptionally young age.

Hailing from the humble Kanodar village in Gujarat’s Palanpur district, Safin Hasan grew up in a lower-middle-class family. Despite a challenging childhood, he persevered and defied all odds to become India’s youngest IPS Officer. When asked about his inspiration to pursue this career path, Hasan revealed that his encounter with a District Magistrate (DM) left an indelible mark on him, igniting his desire to emulate an officer of such esteemed rank.

Safin Hasan’s incredible journey serves as a testament to determination and resilience, fueling the aspirations of countless young individuals vying for a career in the civil services.

List of India’s youngest IPS officers

Youngest IPS Officers in India: Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Achievement

While Safin Hasan’s remarkable achievement as the youngest IPS officer in India is widely acknowledged, he is not alone in this distinction. Several exceptional individuals across different states have also cleared the IPS examination at a young age, shattering age-related barriers. This esteemed list includes both male and female officers who have made their mark in the IPS fraternity.

These young trailblazers have showcased exceptional dedication, intelligence, and determination, proving that age is no obstacle when it comes to pursuing one’s dreams. Their accomplishments serve as an inspiration to aspiring civil servants, igniting a spirit of excellence and ambition. Let us delve into the stories of these remarkable young IPS officers who have emerged as symbols of success and motivation for generations to come.

List of Young IPS OfficersNames of Officers
Youngest IPS Officer in KeralaMerin Joseph
IPS Officer in MaharashtraNoorul Hasan
Young IPS Officer of TelanganaPedditi Dhatri Reddy
IPS Officer in Andhra PradeshDeepika M. Patil
Youngest IPS Officer in HaryanaPooja Yadav

 India’s youngest-ever female IPS officer

Sushree: India’s Youngest Female IPS Officer Making Waves in the Police Forces

In the pursuit of their dreams to serve the nation, a vast number of aspirants appear for the UPSC examination every year. Among these dedicated candidates, there are remarkable individuals who manage to stand out. It is heartening to witness an increasing trend where female candidates not only match but often surpass their male counterparts in becoming the youngest IPS Officers in India, serving in the esteemed police forces.

One such prominent figure is Sushree, hailing from Kerala, who achieved a momentous victory by becoming one of the youngest IPS Officers in India at the age of 23. She currently serves in the Odisha cadre, making a significant impact in the field. Sushree’s remarkable achievement was realised on her very first attempt, securing an impressive 151st rank in the IPS examination.

Sushree’s extraordinary journey embodies the spirit of determination and resilience, setting a powerful example for aspiring young women across the country. Her success not only highlights the growing presence of women in the IPS domain but also signifies their immense potential to excel and contribute significantly to the nation’s security and law enforcement.

 Safin Hasan’s Success Story, the Youngest IPS Officer

At a mere 22 years of age, Safin Hasan has become a remarkable source of inspiration as the youngest IPS Officer in India. His journey stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and perseverance, showcasing that one’s background or life history does not hinder their ability to achieve their goals.

In an interview, Safin Hasan revealed a pivotal moment that sparked his unwavering determination to become the youngest IPS Officer in India. It was during a visit by the District Magistrate of Palanpur, Gujarat, when he witnessed the remarkable power and impact an IPS Officer possesses. The District Magistrate promised swift redressal of grievances, leaving a profound impression on Safin. In that moment, he realized that by cracking the rigorous IPS examination, he too could bring about significant positive change.

Safin Hasan’s journey serves as a shining example for aspiring individuals, reminding them that with dedication and the right mindset, they too can overcome any obstacle to achieve their dreams. His story inspires others to believe in their abilities and strive towards making a lasting impact on society.

Biography of Safin Hasan

Born on July 21, 1995, to Naseem Banu and Mustafa Hasan, Safin Hasan has emerged as a trailblazing figure in the Indian Police Service (IPS). At the remarkable age of 22, he secured the prestigious position of Assistant Superintendent of Police in the Jamnagar district of India. Safin Hasan’s outstanding achievement made him the youngest IPS Officer in the country.

Here are some noteworthy facts about Safin Hasan’s life:

– Birthplace: Safin Hasan was born in Palanpur, Gujarat.

– Siblings: He has a brother named Asnain Hasan.

– Religion: Safin follows the religion of Islam.

– Height: Standing at 178 cm, he possesses a commanding presence.

– Academic Achievements: Safin Hasan excelled academically, obtaining impressive marks in both his 10th and 12th-grade examinations, with a score of 92% in each.

– Educational Background: He holds a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication, reflecting his strong technical expertise.

Safin Hasan’s journey serves as an inspiration to young individuals across the nation, showcasing the possibilities that can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and a burning desire to serve the nation as an IPS Officer.

Safin Hasan’s Education

Safin Hasan’s Educational Journey: From SKM High School to NIT Surat

Safin Hasan’s educational journey began in Palanpur, Gujarat, where he attended SKM High School. Recognizing the importance of an English medium education, he later transferred to Ascent High School of Science. Throughout his schooling, Safin exhibited exceptional intelligence and dedication, resulting in remarkable academic achievements. He secured an impressive 92% in both his 10th and 12th standard examinations, setting the foundation for his future aspirations.

Driven by his passion to serve the nation, Safin set his sights on becoming the youngest IPS Officer in India. To further his education and enhance his technical expertise, he enrolled at the esteemed Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Institute of Technology in Surat. Pursuing a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication, Safin honed his skills and expanded his knowledge in preparation for the challenges that lay ahead.

Safin Hasan’s academic journey reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence, a trait that has propelled him towards achieving extraordinary milestones in his career as an IPS Officer.

UPSC Attempts of Safin Hasan

Safin Hasan’s unwavering determination to become the youngest IPS Officer propelled him to achieve his goal in a remarkably short span of time. However, his journey was marred by an unfortunate incident in 2017 when he encountered a severe accident while en route to his UPSC attempt. Despite the hardships he faced, Safin refused to let the accident deter him from taking the examination. Battling persistent medical issues, he pressed on until his final interviews, where his resilience paid off, securing him the impressive 570th rank nationwide.

Undeterred by his previous setbacks, Safin embarked on his second attempt with renewed determination. Through sheer dedication and perseverance, he emerged triumphant, securing a position as the youngest IPS Officer in the country. Safin’s remarkable achievement serves as a testament to his unwavering spirit and indomitable willpower, inspiring others to overcome adversity and pursue their dreams against all odds.

Rank of the Youngest IPS Officer in India

Safin Hasan, at the young age of 22, made history by becoming the first person to achieve the prestigious position of IPS Officer. His exceptional performance in the UPSC examination catapulted him to success, as he secured an impressive All India Rank of 570. This remarkable feat not only placed him among the top candidates nationwide but also earned him the distinction of being the youngest IPS Officer in India. Safin’s accomplishment stands as a testament to his exceptional abilities and serves as an inspiration for aspiring individuals across the country.

Books Referred By Safin Hasan

Name of the BookAuthor
Medieval IndiaSatish Chandra
Indian SocietyRam Anuja
Science and technologySheelwant Singh
Modern HistoryBipin Chandra
Social IssuesRam Anuja
Indian PolityM. Laxmikant
GeographyMahesh Kumar Bernal
Economy and EcologyMajid Husain
Indian and World GeographyMajid Hussain
Ancient HistoryR.S. Sharma
Indian EconomyRamesh Singh
World HistoryArjun Dev
Art & ScienceNitin Singhania

 Points on Becoming India’s Youngest IPS Officer

To emulate the success of Safin Hasan, the youngest IPS Officer in India, aspiring UPSC candidates should consider the following points:

1. Familiarise yourself comprehensively with the entire UPSC examination, including its pattern, eligibility criteria, and guidelines.

2. Thoroughly acquaint yourself with the UPSC syllabus to understand the scope of the examination.

3. Gain a deep understanding of the position you aspire to hold as a civil services officer. Stay updated with the responsibilities, challenges, and opportunities that come with the role.

4. Reflect on your goals and aspirations, and document why you are genuinely driven to become an IAS officer. This exercise will provide clarity and help you stay motivated and focused on your path.

5. Follow a selective range of resources and gather high-quality study material specifically tailored for UPSC preparation.

6. Cultivate the habit of reading English and Hindi newspapers daily. This practice will enhance your language skills and improve your general knowledge, both of which are crucial for the examination.

By keeping these points in mind, UPSC aspirants can pave the way for their own success and strive to achieve their goals, just like Safin Hasan did.


  1. What was Safin Hasan’s 12th percentage?
  • Safin Hasan excelled academically both in high school and college. He scored an impressive 92% on both his 10th and 12th grade tests.
  1. Is Safin Hasan the youngest IPS Officer in India?
  • Yes, Safin Hasan, who is 22 years old, is the youngest IPS officer in the nation. In the Gujarati district of Jamnagar, he is currently designated as the Assistant Superintendent of Police.
  1. Who are the top 5 youngest IPS Officers of India?
  • Merin Joseph, Deepika M. Patil, Pedditi Dhatri Reddy, Pooja Yadav, and Noorul Hasan are the five IPS officers who are the youngest in India. Due to their diligence, all of these candidates were able to become IPS Officers at a fairly young age.

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