Detailed Instructions for Applying for the UPSC Exam

The UPSC Exam is responsible for organizing a range of examinations, with the IAS Exam being particularly popular among the younger population of the country. Each year, hundreds of thousands of candidates apply for this exam, including numerous freshers. It is crucial to fill out the UPSC Application form accurately, as any failure to meet the criteria or provide incorrect information can result in the cancellation of one’s candidature at any stage of the examination process.

Applying for the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam requires a systematic approach to ensure a smooth and successful application process. This step-by-step guide outlines the process and key considerations for aspiring candidates.

Step-by-Step Guidelines to Fill UPSC Application Form for Aspirants


If you’re an aspiring candidate looking to appear for the prestigious UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination, understanding the process of filling the UPSC application form is crucial. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step guidelines to help you navigate the application process seamlessly. Whether you are a first-time applicant or need a refresher, follow these instructions to ensure a smooth and successful application submission.

Step 1: Eligibility Check

Before you begin filling the UPSC application form, it is essential to verify your eligibility for the examination. Ensure that you meet all the required criteria, including age limits, educational qualifications, and nationality. Thoroughly go through the official UPSC notification to avoid any discrepancies during the later stages of the selection process.

Step 2: Online Registration

To initiate the application process, visit the official UPSC website ( and locate the ‘Online Application’ link. Click on the registration link and provide the necessary details, including your name, email address, contact number, and date of birth. Upon successful registration, you will receive a unique registration ID and password on your registered email and phone number.

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

Log in using your registration ID and password to access the UPSC application form. Fill in all the required details accurately, including personal information, educational qualifications, address, and other relevant data. Pay attention to the instructions provided for each field and ensure error-free entries.

Step 4: Upload Documents

As part of the application process, you will need to upload scanned copies of your passport-sized photograph and signature. Follow the prescribed format and size specifications while uploading the documents. Additionally, ensure that the images are clear and easily recognizable.

Step 5: Fee Payment

After completing the application form and document upload, proceed to make the application fee payment. UPSC accepts online payment through various modes such as debit card, credit card, or net banking. Double-check the payment details to avoid any payment failures or discrepancies.

Step 6: Final Review

Before submitting the application, thoroughly review all the information you have provided. Check for any errors or missing details. Taking the time for a final review can help you correct mistakes and ensure a complete and accurate application.

Step 7: Submission

Once you are satisfied with the accuracy of your application, click on the ‘Submit’ button to finalize your submission. After successful submission, you will receive a confirmation message on the screen, along with an email acknowledging the completion of the application process.

Step 8: Print Application Receipt

It is advisable to take a printout of the submitted application receipt for your records and future reference. The receipt will contain essential details, including your application ID, transaction ID, and other relevant information.


Filling the UPSC application form is the first step towards realizing your dream of becoming a civil servant. By following these step-by-step guidelines, you can confidently complete the application process without any hassle. Remember to check the official UPSC website regularly for updates and notifications related to the examination. With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to the provided instructions, you are now well-equipped to take on this challenging yet rewarding journey of UPSC preparation.

Guidelines for Filling the UPSC IAS Application Form 2023

On February 1st 2023, the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2023 Notification is expected to be made public. Beginning on February 1, 2023, applicants who wish to take the exam this year can begin filling out the application. The last day to submit applications will be made public and informed of at a later time. For the sake of not missing any crucial deadlines associated with the application procedure, aspirants are advised to stay current with the official UPSC notifications.

Prior to applying for the Civil Services (Preliminary)/Indian Forest Services (Preliminary) Examination, it is essential for candidates to carefully review their eligibility criteria. This includes verifying the minimum educational qualifications, age requirements, and other relevant criteria mentioned in the official Notice of the Examination, which can be accessed on the Commission’s website. It is highly recommended that candidates thoroughly go through this information to ensure they meet all the necessary eligibility requirements before proceeding with their application.

To fill the UPSC CSE Application Form 2023, there are certain prerequisites that are necessary. These include:

1. Active Mobile Number/Contact Number: You need to provide a working mobile number or contact number that is currently in use for communication purposes.

2. Active Email Address: An active email address is required to receive important updates and communications related to the application process.

3. Graduation Certificate Details: You must have the details of your graduation certificate, including the name of the university/college, year of completion, and other relevant information.

4. Clear and Recent Passport Size Photograph: A clear and recent passport size photograph of the applicant is required. This should meet the specified guidelines and be suitable for uploading.

5. Scanned Signature: You need to have a scanned copy of your signature ready, adhering to the prescribed specifications. This signature will be uploaded as a part of the application process.

6. Valid Photo ID (Scanned Copy): You should possess a valid photo identification document, such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, passport, or driver’s license. A clearly scanned copy of this photo ID is necessary.

It is important to gather and have these prerequisites ready before filling out the UPSC CSE Application Form 2023 to ensure a smooth and accurate application process.

The process of filling the UPSC CSE 2023 Application Form consists of two parts: Part I and Part II. Here are the steps involved in completing the application form:


Steps to fill Part I of UPSC CSE Application Form 2023
Step 1Visit the official website or visit to know more about any notification released by the commission.
Step 2Click Apply Online Link on the right-side panel on the Homepage of the official website.
Step 3Click on the Online Application for Various Examinations, then click on Online Application for various examinations of UPSC.
Step 4Click on the Part I registration link, then important instructions to fill the online application form is displayed on the screen. The candidates are advised to carefully read all the instructions displayed before proceeding further.
Step 5After reading the instruction, click Yes and the Part I registration page appears. The candidates are asked to fill in personal details such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Father’s Name, Nationality, Address, etc in Part I registration.
Step 6After filling up the personal details, fill up the educational qualification and contact details.
Step 7As a next step, candidates have to fill in photo identity details, the number of attempts, marks obtained in graduation level, centre for prelims exam details.
Step 8After these details are filled in, the candidates can preview the details and can edit the application at this stage, if needed.
Note – UPSC does not allow editing the application after the final submission of the application
Step 9After previewing, click submit. Therefore, Part I registration is completed. The candidate will get the registration ID after completing the Part I registration.
Note – RID is Registration ID, which is generated by the system when the applicant completes Part-I registration of his application. Candidates should note down the RID for future references.


Steps to fill Part II of UPSC CSE Application Form 2023
Step 1Use the registration ID got after completion of Part I and proceed to fill up Part II of the application.
Step 2Log on again using the RID, date of birth details to continue Part-II registration.
Step 3In this part, the candidates have to pay the application fees using online mode or offline mode/ Pay by Cash mode through SBI Challan.
Step 4Select the prelims exam centre.
Step 5Candidates have to upload all the required documents.
Photograph in JPG format – 20 KB to 300 KB
Signature in JPG format – 20 KB to 300 KB
Photo ID in PDF format – 20 KB to 300 KB
Step 6Click Upload after uploading all the documents in the prescribed size format.
Step 7A final declaration appears on the screen after step 6, check the box and submit the application.
Step 8After the final submission, a confirmation message for completion of the application is received on the registered mobile number and email address. This way, the candidates can make sure they have completed and submitted the application.

You  can follow these steps to avoid confusion & apply for your upsc exam.

1. When will the UPSC Notification 2023 be released?

On February 1st 2023, the Civil Services test notification for the next year will be made public.

2. How can I get the UPSC 2023 Application Form?

The UPSC application form is available on the website for applicants who plan to sit for the IAS test in 2023. The only allowed application method is online, and UPSC does not accept any other kind of application.

3. What is RID?

When the applicant completes PART-I registration of his or her application, the system generates a Registration ID, or RID.

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