APSC CCE Exam 2023: Previous Question Papers for Mains Examination

Prepare for APSC Mains with APSC Mains Previous Question Papers for Mains Examination – Download PDF Now!


The Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) conducts an annual series of exams to recruit candidates for various positions, including technical, non-technical, administrative, engineering, and more. As an aspiring candidate, you might be seeking the APSC CCE Mains Previous Year Question Papers with solutions to enhance your practice and improve your performance in the exams. Look no further! We are here to provide you access to a comprehensive question bank that will significantly contribute to your better exam preparation.

APSC Mains Examination:

The Mains Examination conducted by APSC consists of both written and oral interview components. The written test includes six papers on the topic of general studies. The final ranking of candidates is determined based on the marks obtained in both the written portion and the interview.

Preliminary Examination:

The first stage is the Preliminary Examination, which consists of two objective-type papers (General Studies-I and General Studies-II, also known as the Civil Services Aptitude Test). This stage serves as a screening test, and candidates who qualify are eligible to appear for the Main Examination.

Main Examination:

The Main Examination is the second stage of the APSC selection process. It is a written examination that assesses the candidate’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of various subjects. The Main Examination consists of conventional essay-type papers and is usually conducted over a period of several days.

The Main Examination typically includes compulsory papers on subjects like:

  • General English
  • General Studies
  • One modern Indian language
  • Optional subjects (candidates can choose two optional subjects from a list of subjects provided by APSC)

Benefits of Practicing APSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers:

Practicing APSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers offers numerous advantages for your exam preparation:

Familiarity with Exam Pattern:

By attempting previous year papers, you become familiar with the APSC Mains exam pattern, the types of questions asked, and the marking scheme.

Time Management Skills:

Regular practice of question papers helps you improve your time management skills, allowing you to allocate appropriate time to different sections during the actual exam.

Identifying Weak Areas:

Solving previous year papers helps you identify your weaker areas, enabling you to focus on those topics and improve your overall performance.

Boosting Confidence:

As you consistently practice with real exam-like papers, you gain confidence and reduce exam-related anxiety.

APSC Mains Question Paper for 2020:

If you are looking for the APSC Mains Question Papers for the year 2020, you have come to the right place! We provide you with the authentic and detailed question papers for thorough practice.

APSC CCE Mains Previous Question Paper 2022:

For candidates aspiring to appear for the APSC CCE Mains exam in 2022, we have got you covered. You can access the previous year question papers for 2022 to start your preparation with an edge.

Download APSC CCE Previous Year Question Papers in PDF:

To make your exam preparation more accessible and convenient, we offer the APSC CCE Previous Year Question Papers in PDF format. You can download them on your devices and access them anytime, anywhere.

APSC Previous Year Question Paper with Answer PDF:

For your convenience, we provide the APSC Previous Year Question Papers along with their solutions in PDF format. This will help you understand the correct approach to solve each question and learn from your mistakes.


Your preparation for the APSC Mains Examination plays a vital role in determining your success. Make the most of the resources available and practice diligently with the APSC Mains Previous Year Question Papers. Develop a comprehensive study plan, analyze your performance regularly, and focus on continuous improvement. With determination and focused practice, you can achieve your dream of a successful career through the Assam Public Service Commission.

Begin your preparation now by downloading the APSC Mains Question Papers and experience the difference it makes in your exam readiness. Best of luck!

APSC Mains Question Paper
2020Paper 2
2020Paper 3
2020Paper 4
2020Paper 5
2020Paper 6
2020Paper 7 (Optional Paper)
2020Paper 8 (Optional Paper)

NOTE: In 2020, the APSC began using a new exam syllabus. In APSC 2022, there are no optional papers.

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