APSC CCE Prelims Previous Year Question Paper

Enhance Your APSC Prelims Exam Preparation with APSC CCE Prelims Previous Year Question Papers (1998-2022) – Download Solved PDFs!

If you’re an aspiring candidate for the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) and looking for comprehensive resources to ace your exam, your search ends here! We understand the significance of previous year question papers in preparing effectively for the APSC Combined Competitive Examination (CCE) Prelims, and thus, we provide you with a treasure trove of APSC GS Preliminary Exam question papers from the years 1998 to 2022.

Why are APSC Prelims GS Question Papers important?

APSC Prelims GS Question Papers from previous years are invaluable study materials for several reasons:

Understanding Exam Pattern: 

By going through the question papers of the last 11 years, you will gain insights into the APSC Prelims’ exam pattern. You’ll become familiar with the types of questions asked, distribution of marks, and important topics.

Assessing Difficulty Level:

Solving previous year question papers allows you to gauge the difficulty level of the exam. It will help you identify topics or areas that need more attention during your preparation.

Time Management:

Practising with these papers will hone your time management skills. You can set a timer and attempt the papers to improve your speed and accuracy.

Identifying Trends:

Analysing the papers over the years can reveal trends in question patterns. Certain topics may be asked more frequently, and understanding this can guide your preparation strategy.

Real Exam Experience:

Attempting the APSC Prelims Previous Year Question papers will simulate the real exam experience. It will boost your confidence and reduce exam anxiety.

APSC CCE Prelims Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys:

To further enhance your practice and performance, we provide you with answer keys for all the APSC Prelims Question Papers for PDF Download. With these answer keys, you can assess your answers and identify any mistakes or gaps in knowledge. Correcting your mistakes and learning from them is an essential part of exam preparation.

Download APSC Prelims Previous Year Question Papers:

Our platform offers a convenient and user-friendly option to download all the APSC CCE Prelims GS Question Papers in PDF format. You can access them easily on your devices and practice anytime, anywhere.

How to Utilize APSC Previous Year Question Papers:

Regular Practice:

Set aside dedicated study sessions to solve these question papers regularly. Consistent practice will lead to a better understanding of the exam and improved performance.

Analyse Performance:

After attempting each paper, evaluate your performance using the answer keys. Identify areas of strength and weakness to work on them accordingly.

Revise and Improve:

Use the question papers to revise important topics and concepts. Focus on areas where you struggled, and seek additional resources or guidance if required.

Mock Tests:

Once you have practiced with the previous year papers, take full-length mock tests to simulate the real exam scenario and assess your overall readiness.

Prepare with Confidence:

As you embark on your APSC Prelims exam preparation journey, we are here to support you with an extensive collection of APSC Prelims Question Papers from 1998 to 2022, along with their solutions. Combine these resources with dedication, perseverance, and focused preparation to excel in the APSC CCE Prelims and move one step closer to achieving your dream career.

Download the APSC sample test papers and begin your preparation now. For further information and APSC-related queries, visit our website (https://www.borthakursiasacademy.com/blog/).

Remember, success comes to those who not only dream but also work hard to turn those dreams into reality. All the best for your APSC Prelims exam!

APSC Prelims Previous Year Question paper (1998-2022)

YearPaper IPaper II
2022Click HereClick Here
2020Click HereClick Here
2018Click HereN/A
2016Click HereN/A
2015Click HereN/A
2014Click HereN/A
2013Click HereN/A
2011Click HereN/A
2006Click HereN/A
2001Click HereN/A
1998Click HereN/A

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Note: The APSC decided to use a new test format with two General Studies question papers alone as of 2020. As a result, the optional paper is now meaningless (N/A).

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