UPSC exam tips to simplify the complexities of UPSC preparation

UPSC civil service examinations are the most coveted examinations in India. To crack this examination one needs consistent hard work and a proper study plan. Understanding the complexities of UPSC exam preparation, we have picked up some amazing tips to make your UPSC preparation easy and productive.

UPSC Exam Tip 1: Don’t study hard, study smart.

The exam syllabus of UPSC is very vast, and everyone can’t cover each topic. Instead of studying too hard, plan your study smartly, and read selectively. Choose your book reading wisely and make notes with proper time management. One must know what to read and what not to read to make the study easy.

UPSC Exam Tip 2: Avoid multitasking.

Don’t jumble up yourself by picking up multiple subjects for a day. Pick one subject and combine it with current affairs by doing this daily you will get enough time for revision and re-revision. 

UPSC Exam Tip 3: Stay updated by following two or more newspapers.

For all civil service examinations, it is vital to stay updated with current and trending news. Therefore, all UPSC aspirants should follow renowned newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Standard, Live Mint, Business Line, and Dainik Tribune.

UPSC Exam Tip 4: Plan and execute daily targets.

To achieve your goal, one should always plan out their daily study schedule and keep small targets. Keeping a daily target means you must meet your target consistently. Gradually, this will help you in executing your study plan more effectively on a weekly and monthly basis.

UPSC Exam Tip 5: Read the right books.

NCERT books are highly recommended books for all UPSC and IAS aspirants. These books are useful to build a strong understanding of the syllabus, and it also helps to clarify various concepts.


Hope these UPSC exam tips will help you to simplify the complexity of this exam. No one can achieve their goal under any kind of mental pressure, therefore always try to make your preparation less stressful and fun learning. 

Becoming an IAS officer is not easy for everyone, but one can become an IAS officer if he/she will strategize the study plan properly.

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