Beginners Guide : Top 5 Smart Tips To Prepare For UPSC Exam

Union Public Service Commission(UPSC) annually conducts the most coveted UPSC Civil Service Examination. The examination is categorised into three stages namely Prelims, Mains, Interview and aspirants are selected in the order of merit.

Different skills and smart strategies are required for aspirants to crack this competitive examination. This article explores different ways from a beginner perspective to prepare for the UPSC examination.

  • Proper knowledge of the examination

The first and the foremost strategy for a beginner for UPSC exam has to be the complete knowledge about the examination. He or she should understand clearly what the examination is all about before going into the course details.

  • Get hang of resource materials

Every examination has a syllabus which an aspirant has to follow during preparation. The syllabus of UPSC comprises different subjects for which updated study materials is a must. A beginner should do some online research and see which are the standard books recommended by previous years toppers. This process will save a lot of time and will help to prepare for the UPSC examination smartly. 

  • Choose your UPSC optional subjects wisely

The weightage of marks for optional in the UPSC exam is huge. Therefore, beginners need to choose the optional subject wisely. The optional subject should reflect your interest in that particular subject rather than anything else. This would help you cater more marks keeping in mind other papers of General Studies.

  • Enrolment in a good institute

For beginners, proper guidance and smart strategy work as a catalyst to boost your preparation. In circumstances like this, getting enrolled in a reputed UPSC coaching institute is highly recommended. This will help a beginner to do the smart and focused-based preparation for UPSC examination.

  • Take care of your health

As the proverb says, ” Health is Wealth,” a beginner needs to incorporate this to his or her UPSC preparation. As the syllabus is huge it is obvious that reading everything and anything will take a toll over your health. Therefore, it is required to maintain a healthy life by eating healthy and keep the preparation going. Too much stress can impact negatively and can disturb your immune system.


These are some of the tips and tricks that can surely help a beginner to have a practical approach towards this examination. The UPSC journey seems to be tough but if you tend to follow a systematic approach you can surely crack this examination and live up to your dream of becoming an IAS officer. Last but not least if you want to know more about the UPSC preparation or coaching courses you can visit Borthakur’s IAS Academy’s official website.

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