Why Should You Practise Yoga For Mental & Physical Betterments?

Yoga is an ancient Indian science of physical, mental and spiritual development. The ideas
and practices of the operating manuals of Yoga are meant for the overall successful functioning
of the human structure.

Yoga permits the mind and body to be in conjunction with each other. It incorporates
meditation, breathing exercises, and stretches to allow stress reduction, relaxation, and
rejuvenation. For students, Yoga is integral to their physical and mental health. By practicing
yoga asanas, students can attain a healthy body and mind which, consequently, helps them
excel in their academics.

Given here some proven benefits of this ancient practice, especially for students aiming for
higher studies.

Eliminate Stress:

The most popular reason that people begin yoga practices, is to reduce stress. If you are a
college student or pursuing higher studies, we understand that you are under a lot of stress. Be
it peer pressure or family expectations or financial stressors, all pile-up and take a toll on the
student’s mental health. A few minutes of breathing exercise with at least two asanas daily can
reduce and eliminate stress and promotes positive thinking.

Improves Concentration:

Yoga helps clear the mind and it can promote positive thinking ability which gives students a
break from the constant burden of study and society. According to studies, 20 minutes of Yoga
before studying can enhance concentration. Intense Yoga encourages better circulation of the
blood from our body to the brain which eventually improves your ability to focus more.

Effective Brain Development:

Researchers suggest that Yoga improves the production of FNDC5 proteins and releases it into
the bloodstream. This type of protein facilitates existing brain cells to continuously reproduce.
Thus, daily Yoga promotes a stronger and healthier brain and it is even effective for the whole
nervous system.

Enhanced Memory:

The protein that our body generates during Yoga responds well with the region in the brain that
is responsible for memory retention.

Better Posture:

Regular practice of Yoga asanas can promote better posture as all the asanas are tried and
tested by the great Indian monks, which helped them sit through long hours of meditation.
Students need to seat for long hours during classes, tuition and studies so it will be immensely
helpful for them.

Strengthen Core:

One of the best benefits of yoga is flexibility, which will help with increasing strength and
endurance in other athletic ventures. Core strength is a great side effect of yoga and will also
help protect the back throughout all the moves required for an active life of a youngster.

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