The importance of current affairs in UPSC & APSC Exams

Civil service exams are majorly about studying static and dynamic subjects in proportion-wise. Static subjects like Geography and History that you need to prepare well with the static facts, dates and numbers. Whereas dynamic means current affairs are changing every day where you need to stay updated.

Current Affairs has gained immense importance from the year 2016 onwards which has also boosted the cut-off marks. One of the prominent reasons is- that the IAS official is one who should be aware of the recent whereabouts which carry national, regional, and international importance and changes. That’s why it is very important to be updated on current affairs if you aspire to be a civil servant in the future.

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Helpful articles for APSC & UPSC Preparation:

Why are current affairs important for civil service exams?

1. It’s an integral part of the syllabus:
As already mentioned, current affairs are prescribed syllabus of UPSC exams which can not be ignored in any way.

2. Very Helpful in the Interviews:
The viva panel mostly asks questions related to current affairs and general knowledge so, preparing current affairs not only helps in prelims and mains but in interviews too.

3. Make you updated with the current policies:
To know and understand the government policies, schemes, and its involvement in the international and national front, economy, and overall knowledge you must be updated with current affairs.

4. Helps in decision making in the future:
An administration official should take the right decision for the city and country as an IAS officer has multiple responsibilities to carry on with. The decision can make or spoil the community at large, so knowing about the current happenings, an IAS officer can take the right decision.

Many of you might not agree with this but being updated with Current affairs for UPSC and APSC exam preparation is actually easy as compared to the other subjects! All you need to do is to read newspapers and news magazines, and watch news from credible sources. Rather than glued to the books for hours you can prepare your own notes through proper reading of newspapers like The Hindu, Times of India and following Reuters, PTA etc.

How to read newspapers properly for APSC & UPSC Preparation

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