Manage Your Mind Before Exams | How to deal with exam stress and anxiety

Becoming anxious and stressed before any exam is a positive sign which marks your attention and preparation for the examination. The situation may turn alarming when this anxiety continues on each and every similar occasion. So it’s up to you, how to deal with exam stress and anxiety before going for a competitive examination. Competitive exams like UPSC, APSC and others need extreme preparation, the sound co-relation between body and mind. To give your best performance it’s required to manage your mind. Here are some tried and tested steps in order to manage your mind before any important work and exams.

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How to reduce stress and anxiety during exam preparation?

Before any examination or any important work, you need to be clear about what you want and why you w ant it. Once you know that, the process you need to follow to achieve it becomes clear. In order to achieve the goal, you need to keep checking your mindset to ensure that the plans you are making and the actions you are taking align with your goal. It is very easy to get distracted while pursuing the goal, so make an effort to keep checking your mindset and recenter whenever it is required.

  • Try Meditation

Meditation is the tried and tested best practice for mind management. It betters concentration helps in focusing on the right things and lets you filter out unnecessary things and gives you mental clarity.

  • Adore Physical Activities

Physical activities like sports, cycling, dancing, gardening, etc are equally effective as meditation. These will provide you with the right balance between your UPSC preparation and tight schedule. Such physical activities are scientifically proven to better cognitive and neurobiological functions.

  • Sleep Well

Sleep is very essential for living beings to function at their optimum level. Sleep deficiency increases stress levels, hampers focus, and even digestion. Thus having a good sleep before the examinations like UPSC and APSC is necessary.

  • Eat Well

Food has a direct effect on our mental health. Having a balanced diet is recommended for better health during the preparation for any exams. Fresh fruits, vegetables, pulses, whole grains and dairy products, nuts, and seeds help reduce stress and anxiety. In contrast, packaged food, sugar-loaded, and high-calorie items might induce stress and hinder our performance in the exam. So eat well, live well.

  • Stay Away from Negative Vibes

If you have a good support system, like your family and friends, your chances of scoring increase, as per many researchers. So, you may talk to these people for continuous motivation in life. Also, remember to avoid contacting people who knowingly or unknowingly demotivate or demean you. Such negativity might derail you from your focus.

  • Enjoy the Journey

Most importantly, try to enjoy the whole process of learning and getting a much more knowledgeable person. This phase of preparation is all about asses your knowledge and understanding of several important concepts. These examinations are meant to choose people who are not only intelligent but are responsible for their actions. For that, you must focus on the process rather than the outcomes.

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