Mistakes you should avoid while preparing for APSC Prelims 2023

While providing coaching for UPSC and APSC examinations, faculties mostly describe
some common mistakes associated with the coveted examinations. The following blog is a
roadmap for reminding you to not fall for the traps, i.e., for these common mistakes that are
mostly done by fresh candidates. You should avoid these simple yet dangerous mistakes which
may ruin your entire preparation for UPSC or APSC examinations, especially the Prelims
examination. Before going straight to the mistakes, you should know some tried and tested
rules. Which are:

  1. Memorise your syllabus
  2. Know your priorities
  3. Make a habit of reading newspapers on a daily basis

These three points will help you prepare for the upcoming days and makes you ready for the
competitive exam environment. Now, let’s discuss the common mistakes you should always
avoid while preparing for APSC examinations or UPSC examinations.

Number 1: Exploring multiple study materials instead of revision

The market is full of choices and choosing the best study materials for UPSC and APSC
examinations is a crucial task. Do not overcrowd your imaginations with multiple study materials,
it will leave you making confused. Instead, take the most trusted one and revise it multiple

Number 2: Avoiding mock tests

If this is your first attempt, make sure to invest regular time in solving mock papers. Regular
evaluations will help you keep track of your progress. You get to know your weaknesses and can
work accordingly. This will help you to keep yourself motivated till your finals.

Number 3: Simply avoiding self-assessments

Assess yourself in multiple ways by taking mock tests, and online MCQs, at least once a week.
Do not ignore this step as self-assessment is the most crucial tool for self-development.

Number 4: Not making Daily/Timely notes

This is essential to make daily notes. These notes will be your real saviors at the time of
revision. If you are not making daily notes, then at least try to make notes on alternate days.
Never skip this point or else you will regret it!

Number 5: Spending more than needed time on one single paper/subject

One of the deadly mistakes of all time is to waste your precious time. In civil service, time is
everything! Divide your preparation as per subjects and topics and even sub-topics with a
real-time slot. Complete each one of them as per the time slots, that’s how you will get time for

Number 6: Avoiding health

A lot of aspirants complain about being unable to complete the APSC syllabus or UPSC
syllabus due to health purposes. And also there are some people who suffer from mental stress
which is even worse. Please understand your health is very important for studying well, so eat
well and sleep essentially well for a composed state of mind.

Number 7: Not Balancing Life

Lastly, do not forget the core of balancing life! Yes. small things like talking to parents and
friends, taking small breaks between studying to do your favorite things, going out and
spending some good quality time with your loved ones are also important. This is how you
should break the monotony of your daily schedule. Otherwise, it will take a toll on your mental

Remember all these points to avoid doing these mistakes while preparing for the utmost vital
examinations of your life. Be it state civil service or central legislative preparations, you should
be aware of these simple blunders which may ruin your hard work very easily. So good luck with
your preparation. Click here for more civil service-related information, study materials or tips.

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